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Digital Out-of-Home

Real life reach

Real life is when you disconnect and leave your phone or tablet alone. When this happens, digital out-of-home advertising is there, accompanying your audience, whether they are out socializing with friends or discovering new hangout spots.

Optimize your advertising efforts with fully integrated campaigns

Just when you thought your campaign was 360 degrees, Campsite enables you to add an extra dimension to your digital strategy. Digital out-of-home works wonders when combined with other media, bringing you that extra boost to invigorate your campaign and maximize results.

Own specific moments, reach a lifestyle

Digital out-of-home allows you to get in touch with your audience during their day-to-day activities. Reach hockey fans at their favorite sports bar where they watch the game on Saturday nights or boost your exposure in selected campus cafeterias - during lunchtime, where all the students gather to refuel. The possibilities are endless.

Hit the
right target

Reach your specific audience
with precise filters

  • Business people

  • Creative people

  • Marketers

  • Hockey Fans

Game changing

Real-time data

Campsites DNA and overall design is based on measurability and results. Granting users access to a complete dashboard, where they can track and review their campaigns in real time, was a no brainer. Knowledge is power, we understand that.

Pay for actual views

By using a Cost Per View (CPV) billing metric, Campsite assures that you only pay based on the number of times your ad has been seen. Our boards are equipped with technology that can clearly identify when a person has been exposed to your advertisement. This is the beauty of combining captive media with web metrics.

Ad management tools

A user-friendly interface within an organic flow is what makes managing campaigns in Campsite so easy. In a matter of minutes, audiences are targeted and creatives are uploaded and published to the network. On top of that, users can monitor and optimize their campaign in real time.

How it works

your audience

Choose from our multiple pre-packaged audiences or create your own filters with our advanced targeting tools. Reach on-the-go customers wherever they are.

your creatives

Upload any type of digital media. Campsite supports static images, video with sound, TV spots and HTML5. Length can vary from 5 to 60 seconds.

Manage and track
your campaign

Track campaign performance thanks to real-time metrics and make adjustments to optimize your placement at any given point.

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