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How to track your Campsite DOOH campaigns in DoubleClick Campaign Manager

by Campsite

Campsite allows you to track your campaigns in Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) with a Tracking Ad Tag.

In Campsite, the Tracking Ad Tag is associated with the assignment, which is the relation between a line order and an ad creative.

When uploading your creative, click on the “Add Tracking Ad Tag” link, then paste your tag in the text area and Campsite will automatically validate its authenticity. You will be able to edit your Tracking Ad Tag in the line order reporting page once your campaign has started.



Once your campaign starts delivering and the audience is exposed to your creative, Campsite servers will call the Tracking Ad Tag on behalf of every included screen and list every impressions in your DCM report. Learn more about how Campsite measures impressions.

Here’s an example of how you can use the Tracking Ad Tag feature with Campsite. Let's say your campaign is running in three different markets: Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. That means you will generate three separate Tracking Ad Tags in DCM, one per market. In Campsite, you will create three separate line orders, one per market. When you assign each creative to your line order you will enter the corresponding Tracking Ad Tag. As a result, both DCM and the Campsite dashboard will report the same number of impressions at approximately the same time. Ultimately, this will  enable you to watch all your media buys, including DOOH, in DCM.

For now, Campsite only supports DCM’s Tracking Ad Tag. Extended support for other ad servers is in the works and should be in place soon. In the near future we expect that agency ad servers will extend their tracking feature capabilities to further support the evolving out-of-home ecosystem.


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