Campsite brings targeting & Cost Per View model to Digital Out-of-Home

by Campsite

Toronto, May 24, 2016 — Today, Campsite Global launches an automated advertisement purchasing solution specifically designed and adapted for digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory. This platform gives online digital media buyers access to DOOH inventory allowing advertisers to maximize the efficiency of their digital investments.

Payment for real views & Data-Driven Targeting
Connected directly to digital inventory across Canada, the Campsite buying platform provides the opportunity to seamlessly integrate DOOH within digital media strategies through a cost per view (CPV) billing metric and precise audience targeting data.  This technology revolutionizes the purchase of traditional out-of-home campaigns typically based upon the purchase of fixed advertisement blocks of predetermined periods. It also gives advertisers the flexibility to activate targeted campaigns in minutes, based on geolocation, gender (sex), age, demographics and a set of fully customizable criteria based on factual information, taken from the venues where the DOOH ad faces are located. For example, an advertiser can purchase a campaign displayed exclusively during hockey games, and only in establishments broadcasting the game.

Advertisers will have access to premium DOOH inventory, activated by indoor advertising companies who are capable of detecting the number of people exposed to an ad, and will therefore pay solely for actual views. Companies equipped with this technology can easily connect their DOOH inventory to the Campsite platform.

Users of Campsite will find the experience intuitive as the interface is reminiscent of various web and social media buying platforms. In a matter of minutes, audiences are targeted and creatives are uploaded and published to the network, where campaigns can be monitored and optimized in real-time. 

Campsite Launches with Premier Access for Testing Partners
Campsite is launching with two premier test partners - Cadreon, ad tech unit of IPG Mediabrands - and ZenithOptimedia, who have agreed to provide feedback during Campsite’s initial transactions. Campsite’s partners have actively supported the creation of the platform and have provided valuable client insight from the onset of its development.

Cadreon’s global expertise in digital and programmatic advertising led Tessa Ohlendorf, Managing Director of Canada, to mobilize their local technology team to test and analyze the Campsite functionalities. “Fully viewable video and display inventory is effective, in demand and hard to find. The advancement of a model for DOOH that is similar to programmatic display and video will enable us to dramatically increase reach, brand awareness and intent for our clients’ brands. Guaranteed viewability is increasingly critical to our advertisers’ purchasing decisions, and Campsite’s platform offers us an option to deliver on exactly that”, says Tessa Ohlendorf. 

Recognized for its innovation and display expertise, ZenithOptimedia sees Campsite as an incomparable model for agencies looking for measurable performance, tracking and efficiency for their digital campaigns. “We are very excited to participate in the evolution of technology in this sector by contributing our observations and expertise,” says Kristine Lyrette, president of Zenithoptimedia - Toronto.

Available to All Digital Media Buyers by July 2016
“With Campsite, we offer all advertisers a complete solution that maximizes the efficiency of their digital investments and delivers guaranteed viewability. It includes several web functionalities, such as specific targeting criteria, automated purchasing, payment based on views, real-time performance reports in addition to limiting the risk of fraud and advertisement blocking. Our goal is to make Campsite a privileged platform to significantly increase DOOH advertising investments, by allowing the advertisers to maximize every dollar. That’s why we look forward to working with all active players in the Canadian industry, to facilitate the adoption of Campsite as a preferred trading platform for DOOH,” said Edith Gagné, Vice President, Development for Campsite.

Active throughout Canada and having initiated the development of the platform, Newad will be the first to connect its digital inventory to Campsite. As the owner of a large inventory of digital media operating in targeted locations across Canada and equipped with motion sensors to validate real-time view measurement, Newad undeniably meets Campsite’s measurement standards. The team is currently in discussion with several other players from the out-of-home advertisement industry and expects to make further announcements in the coming weeks.

About Campsite
Property of Campsite Global Inc., Campsite is an innovative Digital Out-of-home buying platform designed for digital media buyers. Campsite was designed in collaboration with Newad’s digital development team and is a friendly and safe solution for advertisers who want to expand and optimize digital campaigns. Campsite propels the synergy of data, analysis, reporting, customization and responsiveness to a degree comparable to that of the web.

Yann Fortier
Manager, Communications
Campsite Global Inc.

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