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After a successful round of DOOH campaigns and tons of Campsite presentations with all sorts of clients this summer, we are ready to leave our beta status and launch Campsite V1.0.

This means that we are ready to enter the next phase aiming to prepare Campsite for its growth. Our focus until the end of this year will be to work on scalability, integrate new suppliers from new DOOH environnements and integrate much more communication efforts.

Optimization and Scalability

First of all, we want to thank our early testers for your priceless feedback and patience. We are eager to make Campsite a better place for everyone (!) and are aiming for great progress in the next months.

As our user base grows and more DOOH screens become available in Campsite almost every day, we want our infrastructure to be scalable and robust. Basically, we are moving our campsite in the cloud.

Integration with new suppliers

This is Campsite’s core mission, to connect suppliers and buyers in a platform specifically designed for DOOH.

As of today, the integration of Newad’s digital network in their Restobar environnement has been successful. Since our goal is to be able to connect to every type of networks, we are presently working on creating a standardized communication protocol with other suppliers’ digital screens, regardless of their technology and installation infrastructure .

Official partnerships announcements will be made in the next upcoming weeks.

By the end of this year, we will start testing the integration of Campsite’s new suppliers. If you would like to be part of the early testing phase, please let us know at

Communication and marketing efforts

Guess what? We’ve got a Campsite marketing director! We’ve talked to a lot of people this summer and realized that everybody has a different vision and opinion about the place of DOOH in a digital strategy, which is not surprising since the Digital-Out-Of-Home industry is still at an early stage.

Our goal is to shape the DOOH industry in a way where it will play a significant role in an omni channel digital strategy. To support this, we will launch a blog where we can share our knowledge as we discover and learn about the industry. It will be available on Stay Tuned.

We will package our take on the numerous questions we have received via our blog posts. Here’s a sample of what you can can expect:

  • How views in Campsite are measured
  • The best practices for creatives in a specific environment
  • How responsive creatives will save you headaches when buying different products
  • All platform updates
  • Case studies
  • And much more...


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