A year into DOOH programmatic, Newad sees 9% increase in digital sales

by Campsite

Now that Campsite is wrapping up its first year, its a great time to share the results seen by the first vendor to connect its inventory to our platform. Indoor advertising leader Newad has had their unsold digital inventory available programmatically through Campsite’s DSP since May 2016. Here’s an overview of their journey.  

Campsite’s programmatic buying platform has been presented to countless advertisers and media buyers and as a testament to it's reception we currently have nearly 100 activated accounts in Canada and growing. Interestingly, 55% of these buyer accounts had never executed a campaign on Newad inventory before becoming aware of Campsite.  

Campsite DSP is being used by a variety of clients including direct advertisers, programmatic trading desks and smaller agencies specialized in digital strategy, creative or marketing services. The majority of activated accounts are larger national agencies with a broad range of services, and this category accounts for 35% of all transactions so far.  58% of these transactions came from programmatic trading desks that have, for the most part, been eager to access new premium video inventory.

Summary of Buyers on Campsite

92 Active Buyer Accounts
168 Active Individual Users
41 Existing Accounts (previously purchased Newad inventory directly with Newad rep)
51 New Accounts (never purchased from Newad before)

Overall Account Composition

6 Communications & Marketing agencies
5 Creative Agencies
11 Digital Only Agencies
18 Direct Advertisers
46 Multiple or Full Service Agencies
6 Programmatic-Only Buying Agencies


57% of advertisers had never advertised with Newad before
43% had previously advertised with Newad, although not necessarily through the same buying agency


75% of accounts with transactions on Campsite were new accounts for the supplier
25% of accounts were existing buyers of Newad's inventory

The campaigns executed by these buyers targeted Newad’s remnant digital inventory and over 80% of the transactions paid under 0.08$ per view for completed views of 15 second video ads (for more on how views are counted, see here). Campsite’s DSP allowed buyers to track campaign delivery in real-time with customized dashboards. 

The overall impact of monetizing this remnant space on Newad was a 12% increase in its incremental F2017 digital dollars– amounting to 9% of its overall digital revenues for that period, as illustrated in the graph below.

"It’s remarkable that I can open my dashboard in the morning and see income revenue in real-time coming from new advertisers. Some of these campaigns appear to have been planned and executed in the same day, and others last for months, so there’s now consistent revenue coming in through Campsite."

Jean-Francois Grenache, CFO, Newad

Year 1 - Impact on Newad sales

  • Ad inventory from 90% of Newad's Restobar digital screens is available on Campsite
  • 12% of incremental digital sales came directly from Campsite
  • 9% of overall digital revenues from the Restobar environment came from Campsite


Source: Newad's F16 and F17 results

Needless to say, it’s been a busy first year for Campsite and we feel the results with Newad are a big success.  It’s been a year full of learning, and Campsite’s clients – both on the supply side and on the buyer side – have provided tremendous insight. 

A lot of new and exciting changes are coming in the near future.  Most importantly, Campsite is now introducing real-time bidding as well as new suppliers and new environments, in addition to Newad’s Restobar network.   We expect that these changes will attract a bigger volume of buyers and transactions.

Campsite for Suppliers - or the supply-side of the platform - allows suppliers to set their minimum floor price and make adjustments as necessary.  Given that premium DOOH inventory is scarcer than overall ad inventory on the web, we don’t expect floor pricing to be the norm, but demand will dictate that in the end.

Suppliers control which and how much inventory is made available programmatically through Campsite at all times.

To find out more, check us out at and request and account!

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