Campsite partners with Native Touch to offer enriched audience demographics with In-App Mobile Data

by Campsite

Montreal, October 24, 2017 - Campsite Global announced today a partnership between Campsite and Native Touch, leader in data driven mobile advertising.  Not only will this alliance allow the programmatic platform to accurately convert location-based insights into solid targeting opportunities, it reinforces Campsite’s forward-thinking commitment to ensure the highest industry standards for DOOH by offering unified and objective mobile audience data, regardless of the supplier

For over five years, Native Touch has been helping brands innovate in the mobile media landscape, focusing on providing deterministic data points to supply clients with decision-making power to better tailor their future campaigns. By combining geolocation information from the digital screens and data from app ownership, Native Touch will be able to build strong audience segments to provide partners with many dynamic options for location-based screens. “We are excited about this partnership, since it allows us to bring mobile-first data to the growing DOOH space” says Saad Uddin, CEO of Native Touch.   

While remaining completely data agnostic, the classification methodology offers a wide range of insights, ultimately translating into 5 key audience targeting groups (Age, Household Income, Life Stage, Interest & Activity and Intent) and over 150 personas. As of today, these personas will be converted into targeting options offered in Campsite’s campaign creation process.

Simply put, this means that every screen in Campsite will have a precise audience profile composition. Since the same data set and methodology will be used across all Campsite inventory, users will be able to select the same profiles across different environments. “Applying mobile audience data to digital-out-of-home across all vendors on Campsite truly enables audience-based buys” says Edith Gagné, VP of Development, Campsite.


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Campsite, property of Campsite Global Inc., is the first software company to offer premium Digital Out-Of-Home inventory through an automated programmatic platform. Launched in 2016, Campsite’s core mission is to connect suppliers and buyers in an environment specifically designed for DOOH. The Campsite platform is an innovative solution for advertisers who want to expand and optimize their digital reach.



Native Touch is a leading Canadian mobile ad platform catering mobile branding solutions to brands in harmony with their advertising strategies to engage the right consumers across all touch devices. Native Touch is made up of media strategists focused on helping brands innovate in the mobile media landscape.

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