IDS Canada’s medical waiting room digital now available on Campsite

by Campsite

Toronto and Montreal, May 17th, 2018– Campsite Global Inc. announced today its partnership with IDS Canada Inc, Canada’s largest consumer-based healthcare network. For almost 20 years, IDS Canada offers access to audiences in major markets and at the local community level, through healthcare waiting rooms, i.e. highly trusted environments. This impressive nationwide network, which has the ability to reach over 11 million health-conscious customers per month with its 4,500 ad faces, will undoubtedly help advertisers and agencies achieve their digital strategy objectives even more effectively than before.


The arrival of IDS Canada further reinforces Campsite’s forward-thinking goal of becoming the ultimate destination for premium digital screens in Canada. This goal is one that is shared with our partners, as expressed by Jeff Mamer, IDS Canada VP:  "Today is an exciting day at IDS Canada. We recognize the team at Campsite had  created a highly proficient platform, and are excited to now deliver our digital waiting room inventory to programmatic buyers across the country.  Our large format, portrait-style digital screens can be selected as part of a targeted approach, or a broader campaign making it easy for any advertiser to engage with our audience. “


Since 2016, Campsite has worked relentlessly to position itself as the leader in programmatic Digital Out-of-Home in Canada.  New partnerships, continuous technological enhancements to its platform, over 11 supplier networks and over 9000 cutting-edge digital screens are what make Campsite the mandatory one-stop shop for programmatic DOOH.



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About Campsite
Campsite, property of Campsite Global Inc., offers premium Digital Out-Of-Home inventory through an automated self-serve programmatic platform. Launched in 2016, Campsite’s core mission is to connect suppliers and buyers in an environment specifically designed for DOOH. Campsite is an innovative solution for advertisers who want to expand their digital reach, optimize their strategies with data and maximise their time by reaching several suppliers through only one platform.


About IDS Canada
IDS Canada Inc. is a leader in the point-of-care, healthcare waiting room space. Part of an international organization of over 50,000 healthcare waiting rooms in 13 countries, IDS has been operating in Canada since 1999. They provide access to consumers while they wait  – through digital media, print posters, and brochures –  to over 11 million Canadians every month in their 4500 health focused locations across the country. Their 65 field service representatives visit every location and also conduct in-person research and sampling programs for consumers, physicians or the all-important clinic staff.


Lisa-Marie Veillette
Supervisor, Branding & Communications

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