MaxTV Media residential network joins Campsite

by Campsite

Toronto and Montreal, June 5, 2018– Campsite Global Inc. announced today that MaxTV Media, a well established network of high-quality interactive touch screens in residential condo buildings, has added their inventory to the Campsite platform. MaxTV has been working with properties to deliver customized digital communications to residents complimented by advertising. MaxTV has a solid footprint in the GTA and Ontario markets, making their inventory an undenialble asset to help Campsite buyers reach premium audiences in Residential environments.

MaxTV delivers relevant content daily to thousands of customers in locations that fundamentally drive readership and promote call to action. As a provider of helpful daily info, like weather, traffic or management notices, MaxTV strives to provide simple and efficient communications to draw-in viewers and keep them engaged.

MaxTV has embraced the programmatic vision and works closely with Campsite to optimize dynamic pricing and continually enhance their inventory data and content and ultimately the advertiser’s buying experience. Campsite has made a mission of making advertising more accessible and efficient for all buyers, a vision that MaxTV wholly shares. MaxTV Media’s CEO Erik Kehat says - “We are excited that the DOOH industry is heading into the programmatic landscape, and we recognize the benefits that come with enabling agencies programmatic access to our inventory.”

Since 2016, Campsite has worked relentlessly to position itself as the leader in programmatic Digital Out-of-Home in Canada with regular new inventory announcements  and continuous technological enhancements to its platform. With the largest scale in programmatic OOH inventory in Canada, including coast to coast coverage in premium locations,  Campsite can proudly says it is the leadingprogrammatic DOOH platform in the country.






About Campsite
Campsite, property of Campsite Global Inc., offers premium Digital Out-Of-Home inventory through an automated self-serve programmatic platform. Launched in 2016, Campsite’s core mission is to connect suppliers and buyers in an environment specifically designed for DOOH. Campsite is an innovative solution for advertisers who want to expand their digital reach, optimize their strategies with data and maximise their time by reaching several suppliers through only one platform.

About MaxTV
MaxTV Media is North America's largest Digital Communication Platform within the condominiums market. Their proprietary system allows for advanced communication between property managers, residents, and businesses. The interactive digital screens are located in high traffic areas such as elevators, lobbies, parking levels and mail rooms. Established in 2009, MaxTV Media has a footprint of over 1,000 screens across major markets in Canada. 


Lisa-Marie Veillette
Supervisor, Branding & Communications

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