Case Study

Eyeshot Media sees 75% increase in digital sales during its first months with Campsite for Suppliers

by Campsite

Launched in 2008, Eyeshot Media Inc. is a privately held company based in Ontario, specializing in out-of-home advertising in retail convenience-stores. With over 1000 locations throughout central Ontario, 800 of them offering digital screens, Eyeshot is a great fit for brands looking to reach their target audience at a point-of-sale or in a retail environment with local reach. Eyeshot screens are 32" landscape LCD monitors installed behind the checkout counter. The 2 minute loop presents dynamic content which easily captures the attention of customers waiting at the cash.



Campsite accounted for avg.
55% of Eyeshot’s monthly digital revenues *


Connecting to Campsite SSP

Connected to Campsite SSP since December 2017, Eyeshot was quick to see revenue as buyers immediately seized the opportunity to reach audiences on a hyper-local level within GTA neighbourhoods. As a secondary monetization strategy, connecting to revenues via programmatic through Campsite’s open exchange has been a lucrative one for Eyeshot. In its first 4 months, Eyeshot saw an average 75% increase in monthly digital sales. At a time in the year when direct sales trend lower, Eyeshot was able to substantially increase monthly earnings by making unsold inventory available to programmatic buyers.





A Beneficial Partnership

Eyeshot’s inventory excels in reaching audiences in primary and secondary markets with their massive Ontario footprint. Campsite’s use of mobile data means that buyers can selectively geo-target locations and, rather than focusing on environments, reach a particular audience no matter where they are during their daily journey. This gives media seller’s like Eyeshot more opportunities to be included in campaigns they may not have otherwise been considered for.



A Fruitful Year

Needless to say, the experience has been a win all-around and Campsite looks forward to continued success with Eyeshot. Eyeshot’s President confirms that engaging early in the programmatic landscape has been the right decision: “Campsite has allowed us to gain incremental revenues on the unsold portion of our digital inventory. It has really worked well and every single day we are benefiting from connecting our network to the Campsite SSP “says Eyeshot President Su-Nam Kim.


During the 4-month case study period

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