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DOOH in Airport: Specs, Audiences and Inspiration

by Campsite

Available in major Canadian international airports, these screens are strategically positioned near departure gates where passengers wait to board their flights (and where scores of employees work daily). When combined, the terminals welcome close to 20 million passengers per year and produce over a million views per week. Positioned side-by-side, one screen displays advertising, while the other attracts the eyes by delivering real-time news, weather and entertainment 24/7. In other words, this environment is perfect for making an impression on high flyers.

Environment Review

Screen Placement Departure gate waiting areas
AVG. Dwell Time 30 minutes
Proximity to Screen 1.5 to 6 meters
Screen Dimension & Orientation 47” - 55" LCD landscape
Suggested Ad Creative Length

10 - 30 seconds

Why choose the airport environment?

The two-screen displays attract attention to your creative in an environment where waiting is the norm, making for customer engagement and brand recall opportunities that are hard to come by. Multiple screens throughout the terminal, situated at the departure gates, create a domination-effect and the ability to inform and entertain all travellers whether they’re coming or going, waiting or lingering.

For the long dwell time

The airport environment is unlike any other when it comes to dwell time. Travellers are forced to spend hours in a captive environment, waiting for their flights. Whether they prefer to quietly stay put at their gate or to walk around, there are opportunities for repeated exposure along the way.

High Income audiences

Airport travellers are often amongst the most desirable audiences for advertisers: they boast higher-than-average incomes, have access to higher education and are likely to hold a managerial position. They consist of executives travelling for business, families on vacation or child-free couples and singles sneaking a getaway; each group possessing immense spending power.

For hyperlocal, national or international strategies

Whether you’re looking to reach affluent domestic or international travellers, target specific customer profiles or simply achieve mass exposure, this environment is a great fit. Domestic brands can reach people going on vacations (that will inevitably come back) and international brands can influence travellers to try their products once they’ve reached their destination. Win-win.


Every supplier has slightly different screen specifications and format support, but not to worry. Just upload a HD version of your creative in the right orientation and we’ll automatically generate creatives converted to the right format and resized to fit every supplier’s specs. Please note that in this environment, the ad creative will most likely share the screen with content such as weather information and news ticker.

1920 X 1080 pixels (width X height)

Video (H264) and image (JPG or PNG)

Less than 50MB per 15 seconds

Best possible, 12 mbps maximum

No Audio


While different ads have different needs, there are some principles and guidelines that should always be observed. These examples represent the most current and efficient practices in digital out-of-home.


It’s safe to say that people who travel often, like to travel in style. Moreover, a many travellers like to have all the luxuries available to them at all times. Lexus has made a winning bet by advertising in the airport environment; whether their ad is seen by someone who will soon rent a car, or by someone eventually returning home, both are reminded that travelling in a Lexus is travelling in style.


Bright blue screen, internationally recognized landmarks and a very evocative name: Imax presents very clever advertising for the Airport crowd. Simple entertainment for some, great memories for others, this offers a fun possibility to spend some quality time in front of a giant screen.

Raptors - WeDay

A well-known smiling face and a great cause: a perfect duo to attract a wealthy crowd. As previously mentioned, travellers in airports tend to have above average household incomes, making it a great environment to reach fans with a big heart. Well played, WeDay!


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