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DOOH in Campuses: Specs, Audiences and Inspiration

by Campsite

Campuses are the ideal location to reach one of the most notorious audiences in advertising: gen z. Between heading to class and socializing with friends, these young adults spend a significant amount of time on campus. And with screens strategically installed in high-trafficked areas, campuses are an ideal location for lifestyle, entertainment and food brands to share their marketing messages with a captive audience.

Environment Review

Screen Placement Common areas, hallways
AVG. Dwell Time 15 seconds - 30 minutes
Proximity to Screen 1 - 20 meters
Screen Dimension & Orientation 22 - 55" LCD Portrait
Suggested Ad Creative Length

5 - 30 seconds

Why choose the Campuses environment?

For a high gen z reach

Gen z is tech-savvy, wary of advertising and oftentimes hard to reach via online and mobile ads. Yet research has shown that this generation is more receptive to DOOH than any other channel, making campuses an ideal location to reach an educated portion of this audience.

For strategic campaign frequency

Most students are on campus five days a week, and many show up on the weekend for study sessions and extracurricular activities. Advertisers can easily reach their audience multiple times, and even coordinate a geofenced mobile campaign for added multi-channel touchpoints.

For long dwell times

Whether studying in the library, eating in the cafeteria or lounging outside, students have time to kill between classes. A DOOH campaign can not only catch the audience’s attention but a strong CTA can also drive results, particularly for online shopping and social media interaction.


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