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DOOH in Convenience stores: Specs, Audiences and Inspiration

by Campsite

Convenience stores are local neighborhood retail locations that are frequented by people of all ages who are on the go. Whether it's to buy snacks, lottery tickets or cigarettes, each location has a set of loyal customers. Customers visit their local store up to ten times a month; which can become a well-established habit.  This provides advertisers with the opportunity to have repeated impressions on their prospective customers and achieve a greater reach in very specific areas… particularly if it’s Lotto Day (yes, dwell time really does spike during those days!)

Environment Review

Screen Placement Behind the counter
AVG. Dwell Time 120 seconds
Proximity to Screen 3-5 metres
Screen Dimension & Orientation 32” LCD landscape
Suggested Ad Creative Length

10 - 30 seconds

Why choose the convenience store environment?

There are 23,000 convenience stores in the country and 1 in 3 Canadians shop there every day!  An average convenience store has 500 people visit on a daily basis. Need we say more? 

For the Repeat Exposure

Due to the frequency of repeated visits, these impressions lead to greater ad recall.  While in line or at the cash, customers are exposed to the ads  and have no opportunity to escape  them or perceive  them as intrusive.

For the diverse audience

Since a convenience store has a loyal customer base, target marketing can be carried out based on the demographics of a neighbourhood.   Whether it is an ethnic, young, mature, family-oriented, professional, or other person, there are many options to ensure you reach your target market.


Every supplier has slightly different screen specifications and format support, but not to worry. Just upload a HD version of your creative in the right orientation and we’ll automatically generate creatives converted to the right format and resized to fit every supplier’s specs. Please note that in this environment, the ad creative will most likely share the screen with content such as weather information and news ticker.

1920 X 1080 pixels (width X height)

Video (H264) and image (JPG or PNG)

Less than 50MB per 15 seconds

Best possible, 12 mbps maximum

No Audio


Advertising in Convenience Stores means that you are reaching out to people directly at the point of sale, so this is a great environment for any budget that want to instill impulse buys. It’s also a great place to drive community incentives and local strategies.


On-the-go local customers can be very receptive when presented with an attractive opportunity. How wouldn’t want to win a trip or $20,000? Exactly. This lotto is precisely what can trigger an impulse buy. Moreover, when it involves blue skies and a flamingo, the message is bound to be even more effective.


Advertisements from a local news outlet are a great fit for this environment. Convenience stores are regular pit stops where various members of the community often run into each other. Close to the customer’s residence or place of work, they are good venues for regional campaigns, such as the nightly news.

Valspar / lowe’s   

Highlighting easy solutions and making suggestions for the customer’s daily life also hits close to home. Convenience stores naturally come into the daily flow of your audience’s schedule and, with repeated exposure, can truly make an impact on their path-to-purchase to other local stores. Here, Lowe’s makes a very straight forward suggestion about paint quality; chances are that next time you’ll be in the paint aisle, you’ll notice this brand.   


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