Mobile Data

Unified and Objective Mobile Audience Data

How we gather, analyze and separate all the data.

Mobile data is scalable, fast, precise and universal, it is truly the modern way to obtain dynamic audience data.

In partnership with Native Touch, Campsite offers exclusive access to mobile audience data directly at your fingertips, seamlessly connecting Out-of-Home to the digital world.

It is important to underline that the same data set and methodology are used across every supplier’s inventory, in all venue-types. Therefore, campaigns can be built based solely on audience targeting to include every relevant screen that reaches that audience, regardless of where it is.


How it works

From data collection to targeting, here's how we profile every venue



Venue Creation

The first step occurs when a supplier’s screen calls an ad request from Campsite, geolocating itself with a latitude and longitude.

Campsite then reverse geocodes that coordinate to start building a venue profile containing basic information such as: Venue Name, Location Type, Address, Image, etc... We also make sure to define venue boundaries to precisely define the area where we want to collect data.

Campsite is now aware that this venue has an active DOOH screen and we automatically notify our mobile partner of a new point of interest.


Mobile Data Collection

When people show up within the location boundaries, we start collecting data directly from their smartphones. These data are pulled from active application SDK and API, and continuously updated in order to remain accurate over time.

Here's a sample of what's collected:

Device ID A unique phone identifier

Language The current language setting

App ID Which applications are downloaded on the phone

Search Event What users are searching-for within apps

Navigation Event Which pages users are viewing within apps

Age Pulled from certain apps and then matched to comScore Data

Gender Pulled from certain apps and then matched to comScore Data



Mobile Data Analysis

All these data are analyzed and ultimately translated into 5 key audience targeting groups and over 150 personas.


Household Income

Life Stage Characteristics, behaviors, and patterns that define key life events and situations

Interest & Activity A complete view of mobile consumer interests sourced from apps and device signals

Intent Derived from mobile user behavior patterns across app and device signals that indicate definitive consumer intent


Venue's Audience Profiling

These data are sent back to Campsite and we are able to complete the venues audience profile, meaning that for every venue in Campsite, we know the precise audience composition of every screen

These personas are then converted as targeting options offered in the campaign creation process. Campsite offers the possibility to control the audience size and precision in order to match your budget spending goal.

To remain accurate over time, we continuously update these data.


Toronto Data Sample

See how the audience is distributed on the map

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